Branding You in Your Career Search

Whether you are thinking about making a career change or satisfied in your current position but still don’t know what your skills are, it’s time to discover your abilities and strengths and what makes you marketable.

Any marketing professional will tell you that one of the first things you have to know about a product before you put marketing plan together is to know the benefits – what makes this product different? Why should I buy it? How will it benefit me (and maybe my team)? Translating this to your job and/or career means knowing what YOU have to offer, what makes YOU different and why Mr. or Ms. HR person should hire YOU?

It is imperative in today’s competitive job market to know YOU. By knowing what you have to offer and then marketing and branding yourself as the person with that information, will help to separate you from your competition. Your marketability will depend on your ability to demonstrate, on paper and verbally, your skills (even if within the same organization).

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